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Grand River Consulting Group - Healthcare

Since 1990  I've spent my professional career helping organizations, teams, and individuals gain clarity, momentum, and realized potential. As a change agent, strategic thinker, and dynamic leader, I've achieved a consistent track record of working with healthcare organizations to produce concrete and meaningful results.

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clar·i·ty • clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding

mo·men·tum • force or speed of movement; impetus, as of a physical object or course of events

re·al·ized po·ten·tial • to bring into reality or make real that which is capable of being

About Grand River Consulting Group

"Transforming the uncertain to achieve the uncommon."

About Robert Sundelius

Robert founded Grand River Consulting Group, a single member consultancy, in 2006 to better serve the healthcare industry sector. His clients have included start-ups, faith-based organizations, privately held firms, nationally recognized institutes, physician organizations, and large integrated health systems. Specific client engagements have focused on business development and market launches, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, creation and enhancement to governance capabilities and structures, strategic planning, integration, and organizational development. Robert has also held longer-term interim roles as a chief executive.

Prior to launching his firm, Robert spent eighteen years in various leadership positions within the healthcare industry including human resources, organizational development, administration, operations, and business development. Robert also served as chief executive officer for two middle-market healthcare companies where he led negotiations in joint venture development, partnerships, asset divestures and sales of multi-million dollar healthcare organizations.

Robert is a passionate supporter of the healthcare, human service, and nonprofit communities. He is also a champion of the principle of "servant leadership," best demonstrated through the sharing of one's personal time and professional talent. Robert is a member of the Medical Group Management Association, the American College of Healthcare Executives, the policy committee for Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce Healthcare and Human Resources, and the vice chairman of the Pregnancy Resource Center's board of directors.

Robert earned an MBA from Lake Superior State University and graduated with honors from Cornerstone University with a bachelor's degree in sociology and psychology.

Grand River Consulting Group - Healthcare

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