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Grand River Consulting Group - Healthcare

Case Studies

1. Surgical Specialty Services

Scenario: Five regional specialty groups practicing in fifteen regional locations merged. The merger resulted in unchecked overhead, massive aging receivables, declining revenues and intense turmoil among board members and owners.

Highlighted Results:

Increased annual free cash flow by $1.5M and member/owner compensation in excess of $1M

Improved ambulatory service line from net loss to net income of 21%

Chartered governance and committee structure and developed new senior management team

Moved from under performing position to top 10% of nation wide benchmark companies within twelve months of initial engagement


2. Women's Health Provider  

Scenario: A merger creates the state’s largest regional specialty market leader. Merger outcomes do not meet expectations and result in increased expenses, declining revenue, sub-standard technology and business systems, owner unrest and ineffective senior leadership team.

Highlighted Results:

Increased annual free cash flow by $1.8M and member/owner compensation in excess of $1.5M

Developed and launched comprehensive brand identity program

Implemented new technology platforms (revenue management, electronic health record, telecommunications)

Developed first to market integrated product/service line (negotiated contract with Canadian based company for exclusive North American market launch and product rights)

Negotiated profitable sale of excessive real estate holdings for an ongoing annual savings of $600K

Increased governance effectiveness scores 41% in twelve months


3. Privately Held Company serving Fortune 1000 clients

Scenario: A family owned, nationally recognized company (serving Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 clients in various industries) experienced declining revenues and profitability. The company owners desired to leverage their intellectual property and proprietary assets to expand a service business model to include products.

Highlighted Results:

Created product development model and infrastructure

Negotiated and closed product development joint ventures

Facilitated product creation and national product launch

Crafted a relationship to sell health industry product to the largest non-profit health system in the country

Negotiated exclusive partnership with the largest medical liability company in the nation to endorse and offer product to 70,000 physicians

Achieved 50% year over year growth in revenue following initial engagement


 4. Nationally recognized Healthcare Leader

Scenario: A nationally recognized medical forensic institute experienced board turnover, a critical and unforeseen decline in revenue base and an uncertain future strategy. The board desired changes to provide stability and clarity in long term strategic intent.

Highlighted Results:

Chartered new board of directors and committee structures

Facilitated and created immediate and long term strategic work plan

Captured $300K in new cash funding through key stakeholder presentation strategy, coaching and presentation development


5. Large Regional Integrated Delivery System

Scenario: A $2BL integrated delivery system reorganizes their legal structure to create an integrated multi-specialty group practice to achieve the goal of destination health and to complement the hospital group and insurance plan.  The medical group is a start-up, green field opportunity projected to grow to 400+ providers within 36 months.

Highlighted Results:

Engaged as Interim Chief Operating Officer (first executive to support newly named Physician President)

Supported development of initial organizational structure and placement of key management roles

Developed and implemented an integrated stage and gate process for rapid evaluation and acquisition of interested physician groups

Supported the due diligence process and facilitated the integration structure for a 300+ Provider group acquired by the system

Facilitated and coordinated the integration structure for a 75+ Provider Pediatric Specialty division

Supported and participated in early stage negotiations with a 45+ Provider Cardiology Group

Assisted in the orientation and transition of the permanent Chief Operating Officer

Recommendations From the Field


“I have had the opportunity of working with Grand River Consulting Group (Robert Sundelius) in his capacity of Interim Chief Operating Officer for Spectrum Health Medical Group. Robert has been quite instrumental in the rapid establishment of culture and process. From first-hand observation he is able to "hit the ground running" and has provided clarity to our strategic priorities. He was able to establish himself quickly as a leader and give direction to the group. He has been able to establish order out of chaos, and possesses a skill set which is critically important in terms of initial organization and reorganization aptitudes. In my professional opinion, Robert has certainly been an asset to our organization, and I believe that he has the executive leadership skill sets necessary to provide immediate value to other like endeavors. I would recommend him highly without reservation.”

Ken Fawcett, M.D. - Chief of Primary Care
Spectrum Health Medical Group

“Robert does fantastic work and I would highly recommend him to any organization which requires focused and results-oriented assistance in achieving its strategic goals. Not only does Robert have terrific project management, operational and finance skills, but he also is a great team leader who motivates others to deliver their best work product in an efficient and timely manner.”

David Leonard - General Counsel
Spectrum Health System

“Your coaching and leadership regarding new business development and organizational growth were both clarifying and valuable. The systems you helped us create and implement streamlined our efforts and maximized our ability to launch rapidly and successfully. You spoke truth without compromise, tangibly improved our governance model, provided significant economic value, and positioned our organization for long term success.”

Scott Boyd, M.D. - Chair, Future Development Committee
Women's Health Advantage

"Robert is a change agent...he has led our corporation through significant operational, structural and strategic changes. In addition to being a change agent Robert also has strong entrepreneurial tendencies that produce results. We've developed new service lines including oncology/hematology, occupational medicine, urgent care, osteoporosis prevention and screening, and nurse midwifery. Robert's ability to perceive, develop and implement these new opportunities has allowed us to expand our services in response to community needs. Based on his foundational interpersonal skills we have also found Robert to be a skilled negotiator who is adept at building consensus and resolving organizational conflict."

Michael Ziter, M.D. - President
Medical Arts Group

“Robert is a visionary and a strategic thinker. His executive leadership skills and ability to think outside the box have benefitted the organizations where he has led. Status quo is not a familiar term for Robert.”

Wendell Bontrager - Chief Lending Officer, Senior Vice President Private Banking
Tower Bank and Trust Company

“The governance retreat was an extreme success. The board felt they were active participants and their opinions were of value. Your professional experience, leadership and ethics guided the entire team to produce a quality strategic plan that will be measurable and useful for years to come. You provided expert advice, guidance and quality leadership, which led to active participation from the team. The art of being a leader is difficult for most to master, you are a true leader."

Michelle Ditton RN, SANE-A, SANE-P - Chief Nursing Officer
Medical Forensic Institute

“I have worked with Robert for over a year and have found him to be highly professional in everything that he does. He garnered respect from his peers and from the physicians very quickly. He maintained his position through the many challenges of our growth organization while at all time maintaining the highest level of ethics. I have appreciated the opportunity to work with and learn from Robert Sundelius."

Dan Grevengoed - Director Integration
Spectrum Health Medical Group

“Robert is able to see the big picture, but work the details. He's very easy to work with and gives excellent advice. He has helped our company thrive since our inception.”

Mark Zollman, M.D. - Medical Director
Physical Medical Consultants

“I have worked closely with Mr. Sundelius over the better part of two years – under his leadership, our organization grew from a chaotic, sometimes disoriented, multi-specialty physician group to a well-oiled, efficient business without losing focus on the ultimate goal of quality patient care…benchmarks in multiple areas were met and often exceeded under his leadership. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Sundelius for his leadership capabilities in the healthcare industry.”

David Gallagher, M.D. - Chairman of the Board
Genesis Health Advantage

“Robert and I have served on a community board together and have interacted during his consultant role with Spectrum Health. His keen ability to work through process and strategic visioning has been invaluable.”

Mark Lemoine - Director, System Government Affairs
Spectrum Health System

“Robert is a results oriented individual who gives direction and accountability while building and working with teams. He is a focused individual who is very personable and sincere. We experienced great progress and learning while engaged with Robert. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

Sue Perales - Vice President, Operations
Richwood Industries

“Robert is a very important part of our practice's success. His positive energy and excellent organizational skills contribute additional value to his years of credible experience in the medical field. He delivers what he promises and "shoots straight." Robert has the unique ability to eloquently present information in a format that simplifies the decision making process and promotes the desired results. He acts as a mentor and coach to those less familiar with the industry than himself and designs his interactions to set the practice as well as the individuals up for success. If you're looking for a consultant that understands the complexity of healthcare and can provide concrete value, Robert Sundelius is the right man for the job."

Michelle Creager, CPA - Practice Manager
Physical Medicine Consultants

“Robert is a dedicated professional, who continually exhibits leadership and integrity in all of his interactions. During my tenure with Robert, he demonstrated diverse thoughts, opinions and creative problem solving. During our rapid growth, Robert was able to design strategy to align with our business objectives. I enjoy working with Robert on a daily basis, he is a pleasure to partner with.”

Thea Reigler - Vice President, Human Resources
Spectrum Health Medical Group

"Grand River Consulting Group was critical in making my transition from employed executive to business owner a success. The firm responded quickly to my needs, provided clarity and insight about my company's next steps, and worked with me to create a strategic road map for my future efforts. Grand River Consulting's mission is to provide clarity, momentum and realized potential - if you need these, then you need them."

Joseph Hamilton - President and Founder
Opex International

"I've worked with the President of Grand River Consulting Group on several projects for several clients. In every case he supplied momentum, asked the right questions and focused energies exactly where they needed to be. The firm has a rare ability to assemble, inspire and energize a talented team who will collectively perform better than any one person would do individually. Grand River Consulting always challenges me to do my very best for the client, and I can always count on the fact that wisdom, purpose and a clear vision will be brought to every task."

Susan Imler - Owner
i2i Marketing and Branding Consultancy
















Grand River Consulting Group - Healthcare

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